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Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not, Scott Nell and his outstanding Team are the right choices in giving you and your clients the best service, marketing and resources in the business. No individual can serve you better than a great Team. 

The traditional real estate model of the past has not rendered the level of personal and individualized attention to the client that has marked the cornerstone of our pledge to the consumer. The model is broken, and we believe in the solutions. Buyers and Sellers today deserve a company that offers them everything the other companies offer, and more. They require out-of-the-box thinking and personalized strategies to get them in and out of their homes with grace, creativity and professionalism. 

Whether you are a celebrity, producer, cameraman, or your Uncle Bob needs his condo sold, you will get the same unparalleled marketing, resources, preferred vendors and top of the line service. 

The Scott Nell Team is extremely comfortable and familiar with the high bar set by business managers and agents. We embrace them as partners, putting the client before the commission. We also offer confidentiality agreements which the entire Team will sign, as well as give the Client and their Business Managers private client access to files and information. 

The Scott Nell Team has extensive backgrounds in television, features, commercials, comedy, action… you name it. With decades of experience in front of, as well as behind the camera, we understand the special needs of the entertainment professional and are committed to making your real estate transaction seamless. Our clientele expects the best, and they get it. 

Call us today to see how we can help you make your move & life a whole lot easier! 

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